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Private Workshop (Invite Only)

Event Date: Saturday, 28 Oct 2023
Event Time: 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM
Venue: Faye - Narraweena
City:  Narraweena
State:  New South Wales
Address:  13 Nimbey Ave

Suggested Age: Children ( 8 - 12)

Event Host: Faye Purdon

Wheelchair Accessible: Yes
Pram Friendly: Yes
Free Parking: Yes

Private Workshop: Big Art by Little People
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Your children are going to love this workshop! It's messy, it's fun and it's creative, and your kids will get to create modern and stylish art for your home, and best of all, they will be helping support charities for children.

Explosion of Colour and Fun

Come join us for an exciting and unique art adventure for kids. Our Messy Play and Paint workshops are an explosion of colour and fun where we turn messy play activities into modern masterpieces printed on premium canvas.

Each workshop runs for 1 hour and is jam-packed with multiple messy art activities and sensory colour experiences.

Check out some of the awesome artwork that have come from our workshops. [ View Workshop Artwork ]

Turn Messy Play into Masterpieces

Guided by our creative and experienced host, your child will explore a variety of art activities from salad spinners to bubble blowing to splatter painting for maximum creativity and fun.

At the end of the workshop we collect all the bits of paper from your childs messy playtime activities and turn them into beautiufl modern masterpieces by our graphic artists for your home. We believe nothing hanging on your walls will make you smile like your own child's work. Have them printed on premium high-quality canvas as forever keepsakes.

The final artwork designs are just beautiful. Our art has been featured on Interiors Addict, House & Garden Magazine, CHANNEL 7 NEWS and we even appeared on Season 2, Episode 7 of Yummy Mummies to host a workshop with their children.

Featured on interiors addict | to do kids | the choosy mommy | mamma knows east and more...

Small Groups

As parents ourselves, watching children have fun and make friends in a creative environment is our passion. We like to give each child one-on-one attention, which is why we like to keep our workshops small. Parents are required to stay with their children for the session, however, you are welcome to join in the fun too if you don’t mind getting a little messy, otherwise, sit back and relax, and let us clean up the mess! For each activity, your child will have a variety of vibrant colours for them to pick from. Plus all our paints are non-toxic and safe for kids.

Helping Charity

Jellybeanstreet is dedicated to giving back to children in need by creating beautiful abstract art from children's finger paintings and re-selling them online to support children's charities. After the workshop, you can optionally have your child's artwork resold online to businesses and other enthusiasts, to support a nominated children's charity of your choice. Your child will be proud to know that his or her artwork will go far beyond this workshop.

We proudly support over 400 children's charities through the sale of children's finger paintings.

Women's And Children's Hospital |Make-A-Wish Foundation | Ronald McDonald House

What To Bring?

Just bring your finger and toes. Art smocks are provided for all children.

Book early because they fill up fast!

Bring Baby

If you have little ones still in a pram, bring them along too at no extra cost. We love to paint little toes and have them made into beautiful art, they make for adorable keepsakes.

Watch The Video

To learn more about our workshops, check out the video below. It'll give you a better idea of what to expect and how much fun you can have.

Book Your Child

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If you have a new born, bring them along for free and have their toes painted.
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What Parents Say!

It was such a fun and memorable experience
I heard about Jellybeanstreet before I had my daughter and knew I wanted to do it when I had my own kids. I took Harper a week before her 3rd birthday and it was such a fun and memorable experience to do and now we will have a beautiful artwork for our wall to cherish forever. Can’t wait to be able to put it on our wall. Love it
Chelsea Baker | Aug 01 2022
They went above and beyond to make sure we have the perfect artwork
My son was 1 when we completed the workshop. They were so patient and helpful. The artwork that we are receiving is just incredible. The communication and customer service was fantastic and really helped us to decide on the best design. They went above and beyond to make sure we have the perfect artwork for our house. We cannot wait to receive the final product!
Caitlin Grace | Aug 02 2022
Fantastic and meaningful art experience
What a fantastic and meaningful art experience! My daughter and I truly loved it. From the teachers and activities at the workshop, the concept of jellybean street itself, to the absolute wonderful customer service and support received by Marisa afterward in developing our special piece. I can’t wait to surprise my partner. Would I recommend it... without a doubt!
Sarah Walker | Oct 02 2019
Brilliant Idea
Such a brilliant idea, the kids have so much fun and you gain a professional piece of art that you can display for a lifetime.
Sarah Short | Aug 23 2019
Such A Fun Time
Thank you for such a wonderful workshop! Tess and her friends had such a wonderful time and she hasn't stopped talking about it all afternoon xx
Amy Bishop | July 2 2019
Wonderful Experience
Thank you for creating a wonderful experience for my kids to share together. I can't wait to see the finished artwork.
Vanessa Van Schellebeck | June 18 2019
Absolutely Awesome Fun
Absolutely awesome fun. Kids had a blast even after the day had finished, they got to check out their artwork and pick up the final designs. The host is awesome and I really can't recommend enough.
Matthew Wellington | June 4 2019
This Is Genius
This is genius! I took my daughter and niece to a workshop and it was excellent. I also love that they will have their own artwork on their bedroom wall (in the colors that I chose for their room!)
Casey Merwood | May 12 2019
Kids Loved It
Thank you so much for our workshop on Tuesday, my kids loved it!! Poppy now wants to be an art teacher.
Ashlee Kemp | April 29 2019
Such A Fun Experience
This was such a fun experienc for the kids and mostly my husband! Creating an artwork for Father's Day! Can't wait to see the final piece. Great location, worth the drive.
Candice Clark | Aug 8 2018
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