Our Mission

Jellybeanstreet is dedicated to giving back to children in need by creating beautiful abstract art from children's finger paintings and re-selling them online to support children's charities.

Looking for that perfect piece of art to hang in your home?
Look no further than your own children!

Introducing Jellybeanstreet – where your child’s creativity becomes a work of art! At Jellybeanstreet, we run children’s messy play and paint workshops and turn the results into modern works of art by our team of dedicated graphic designers.. Each piece is unique and custom-made, so you can be sure you’re getting a truly one-of-a-kind work of art. Hang it in your home as a cherished memory or give it as a gift that will be treasured forever. Either way, Jellybeanstreet is the perfect way to capture and celebrate the creativity of childhood.

All paintings are uploaded onto the Jellybeanstreet online gallery, where corporate collectors and other organisations purchase them to raise money for wonderful children’s charities like Make a Wish Australia, Camp Quality and Ronald McDonald House. You can even nominate your own charity.

No more bits of paper pinned by magnets to the ‘fridge door, curling at the corners and falling to the floor every time someone brushes by. Instead, your child's vivid imagination becomes a stunning piece of wall art to view with pride. Once complete, you can purchase the painting to hang in your home, adding warmth and a true talking point, while keeping your kids’ creativity forever young.

Here's How It Works


Capture the Magic

Whether it's a messy play workshop or a quiet afternoon at home, take photos of your child's finger paintings and scribbles. If you attend our workshop, we'll handle the photo collection for you.


Collect it.

After the workshop, we collect your child's art to begin the transformation. A $50 deposit kickstarts this magical journey, and it's credited back when you choose your canvas later.


Artistic Alchemy

Our professional graphic artists take your child's innocent strokes and blend them into three modern abstract masterpieces. Each design is a heartfelt tribute to your child's unique creativity.


Your Approval, Their Masterpiece

Within 5-7 days, review the artwork design proofs sent to your inbox. Each one captures the genuine essence of your child's creativity, ready to make your heart swell.


Choose & Cherish

Fall in love with one, two, or all three designs? Have them printed on premium canvas, with prices starting at $155. Your initial $50 deposit is credited back, making this a seamless journey from finger painting to fine art.


A Lasting Impression

Hang your child's transformed art in your home and let it be a constant reminder of their boundless imagination and your endless love.


Art with a Heart

Your child's artwork isn't just for you; it's for the world. It will be resold in our public online gallery, with part of the proceeds supporting children's charities.

Get Started

These make treasured masterpieces will not only be the talking peice of your home, but will make the perfect gift for family and friends while helping to support charity.

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