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This artwork was created from the finger painting of iMagicon North Dakota in support of Souris Valley Animal Shelter, Minot ND . 60% of the profits from the sale of this print will be donated to Souris Valley Animal Shelter, Minot ND . See our donation guide for exact amounts donated.

Shipped in: 2-3 weeks

Purchase this canvas as a print rolled up and packed in a cylinder and have it framed yourself.

Purchase this print stretched over a wooden frame and ready to hang on your wall.


How do you intend to hang your print on your wall, Portrait or Landscape? 

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Jellybeanstreet canvas prints are framed and printed on 390 gsm premium satin matt canvas using high quality inks for beautiful colour and vibrancy. Each print is guaranteed for Archaic Quality meaning they will last for hundreds of years.


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