Blog posts of '2014' 'April'

One More Week

Tyler wearing his cast


It has been almost a month now since Tyler broke his wrist.  He has been such a champion every day since his ordeal. He rarely complains and always tries to do most tasks by himself before he asks Mommy or Daddy.  Kids are so resilient and bounce back very quickly after injury.  I think we can learn a lot from our children.  Just one more week to go and he gets his cast taken off.

Happy Birthday Marisa

Unique Artwork by 3 year old


Happy Birthday to my lovely wife Marisa and mother of our two gorgeous boys.   This morning when Marisa woke up, the boys greeted her with the lovely Jellybeanstreet birthday card pictured on the left of the photo.  She asked what the picture on the card was and we told her it was artwork created from our 3 year old son Jazz’s finger painting and the matching surprise is in the other room.   The look on her face when she saw this beautiful big print from our little boy’s artwork was worth it all ~ Happy Birthday Marisa.

April 5th and 6th Workshops

Jellybeanstreet Workshop


Another fabulous weekend with so many cute and adorable little artists attending Jellybeanstreet workshops. The kids had an awesome time as always having the opportunity to get messy and create beautiful art.  For some of the kids, it was their first time ever painting while other children were established finger painters, but they all created beautiful inspirational artwork for a very good cause.   As with every Jellybeanstreet Workshop, there is always one or two artists who like to eat the paint and this was this case again this weekend.  For some reason, they are not too quick to spit it out.  I haven’t tried it myself, but I suspect I would prefer to have a slice of cheesecake instead.

During the finger painting break, I love watching how all the children interact and play with each other who have never met before until now.   They all have one common interest in mind, BUBBLES and lots of them.  This is one my favourite times to photograph children during the Bubble Dance as they are filled with so many natural expressions that would be hard to capture otherwise, at least without treats.  Our little boys will always happily pose for Mommy and Daddy if there is chocolate involved, then again so would I.

Thank you to all the parents and children for attending our workshop.  We had a great time as always. 

Mommy and Daddy Know Best

Tyler March

Two weeks ago our 5 year old boy Tyler lost his first, teeth, and this week he broke his first bone.  Like all little boys, he is not the best at listening to Mom and Dad’s advice.   We repeatedly tell him not to stand on tables and chairs.   He was only out of our site for just a minute and decided to stand on the table.   You guessed it, he fall off and fractured his wrist.   If only he listened to Mommy and Daddy.  I thought the days of wiping his bottom were over, but that is not to be the case.   Another five weeks in a cast before he is fully recovered.