Jellybeanstreet Virtual Workshops

We are all thrilled and excited to introduce to you our new virtual workshops, "Big Art by Little People". Jellybeanstreet specialize in designing big beautiful art for your home, custom made using the creative mess created by your precious little people. If your children love to get creative and make a mess, AND you are looking for a special piece of artwork for your home, then Jellybeanstreet ticks all the boxes.

Sensory Colour Experience

Our virtual workshops are jam packed with multiple art activities and sensory colour experiences using an array of fun tools from salad spinner to water balloons for maximum creative mess. After the workshop is complete, we send off the children’s creativity to our team of graphic artists where they turn the results from their activities into big beautiful modern abstract masterpieces. satch

One-Of-A-Kind Keepsake

The final artwork that is created is truly a magical masterpiece of art that captures your child's youth forever in a one-of-a-kind special keepsake. You won’t find this artwork in any shop, it is unique to your child. Our professional Jellybeanstreet graphic artists have transformed over 30,000 drawings and paintings created by children aged 0 to 10, and evert piece is unique and different.

Over 30,000 Masterpieces

In almost 10 years of operation, we have conducted thousands of workshops throughout Australian and America, producing countless amounts of smiles and giggles every time. Even days after the workshop, children can’t' stop talking about it. Parents love it so much, we see many return years later with new little artists to complete the family collection.

Giving Back To Charity

The best part of the whole experience, your child will help support children's charities by sharing their creations with others, from family and friends to local businesses. After parents receive their designs, we publish them on Jellybeanstreet to re-sell to the public with profits donated back to a charity of your choice. Currently we proudly support over 418 charities throughout Australia and America from Ronald McDonald House to Childhood Cancer. It gives us great pleasure every time a child's artwork sells, to contact the parents and inform them that their little one's masterpiece has re-sold to support their favourite charity.

We can wait to meet your litle artist online. Spaces are limited, so hurry and book soon.

Private Virtual Workshops

If for any reason you can not attend one of our workshops, We are now taking bookings for private virtual workshops from any country or city. If you would like to arrange a private virtual workshop for you and your friends or for a private mothers group, please send an email to with your details. There is a minimum of 5 children for private virtual workshops.

Jellybeanstreet Virtual Workshop
Sat 01:30 PM
Jellybeanstreet New York | New York, NY
Big Art by Little People (Children's Virtual Art Workshop)
Jellybeanstreet Virtual Workshop
Sun 10:30 AM
Jellybeanstreet california | California, CA
Big Art by Little People (Children's Virtual Art Workshop)

Join Our Team!

We are now recruiting new Creative Directors to become apart of creative family. If you or anyone you know would like to join our team and host workshops, apply here to find out more about this opportunity.