What To Do With Your Kids Artwork?

We are a unique fine art company, creating modern artwork from the first ever finger paintings and scribbles of your little artists. Your child’s paintinsg are combined into amazing works of art by our team of graphic designers.

Children are natural artists. They love to create, express themselves, creating numberious special pieces of art throughout their childhood.

The reality is though, lots of parents don’t really know what to do with ALL the artwork that they create we keep it in a shoe box, never to be looked at again? Or, do we find a way to display those extra special pieces of artwork?

At Jellybeanstreet, we offer an instant upload of art from your kids for our graphic designers to bring to life as head turning wall art, while still keeping the original heart and soul of the child who created it as its focus.

These treasured masterpieces will infuse your home with the personality, creativity and individuality of your little human, and we believe nothing hanging on your walls will make you smile like your own child's work. It’s a simple process for parents, as we take the hard work out of figuring out how to treasure these pieces forever.


Here are a few example of children's art we have converted into everlasting wall pieces:

Getting started is easy!


Gather up your childs artwork


Take a photo and upload, or post by mail


Select Canvas Size


Relax while our Graphic Artists do the rest.

After you receive your designs, we publish them online for sale to the public. Profits from the re-sale of each print are donated to various children’s charities, nominated by the child’s parent. We proudly support 416 charities like Make a Wish Australia, Camp Quality and Ronald McDonald House.

Your finished Artwork is added to the Jellybeanstreet Art Gallery and offered for sale to raise funds for your preferred children’s charity.