Proud New Haircut

We recently made the decision to cut our 6 year old boys hair as he was constantly getting teased at school.   Other kids would tell him his hair was too long and that he looked like a girl.  We loved his thick long hair, but we could not stand to hear him tell us every day how he was being teased.   It may seem trivial to us as adults, but it is important to make sure that our boy enjoys his time at school and not be affected by name calling that other children typically do at that age. 

At the end of the day, it was his decision to cut it, so we gave it the chop.   We have never seen such a big smile on his face as the moment when he looked in the mirror.  He is so proud of his new haircut.  His hair is still beautiful and one day if he wants to have it longer again, he can.   We love our children like every parent does, and just want to see them happy.  The issue of name calling and teasing at school will likely never go away, but it is the job of the schools and parents to be on top of it.

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